Never believed it until I tried it, like

Never believed it until I tried it, like so many users before me. Without VectorVest I would've had a chance to survive in today's volatile markets.
I would like to express my explicit thanks to Russell Markham (AUS) for his very informative and very well presented online WebCast over the few past months.
Firstly, real-time feeds for the Australian market would be very important Secondly, more markets in the APAC region should be supported by VectorVest (e.g. Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia etc.) Last but not least for the platform I wish there is better functionality and integration on the iOS platforms for Phones and Tablets and perhaps also a version to support Apple OS-X on Mac.
Overall, a great product and great support from the help desk as well. Many thanks!

Yes, I would recommend to a friend.