I have been using VV now for over

I have been using VV now for over four years.
During this period I have seen the Australian market go from highs to lows to highs and to the current lows. VV has kept me on the right side of the market at each turn, making profits and minimising losses.
The searches available in the software are excellent and are suitable for most types of traders such as those who are new to the arts of stock trading and the experienced traders .I have studied and used many commercial and non commercial software packages and without a doubt VV is the most comprehensive and easy to use of all those that have been available using computers. I started using a self programmed "Tandy Model 1" , graduated to using "Metastock" and now use a modern desktop and laptop using VV.
One of the important aspects of VV is the abundance of excellent training available both on line and at regular face to face instruction courses. The software is continually being upgraded to improve its presentation and relevance.
I cannot recommend VV too highly to those wanting a competent and easy to use s0fisticated software to analise stockmarkets.
L. A. Grant

Yes, I would recommend to a friend.