As a group leader for the last 9 years,

As a group leader for the last 9 years, I share with others, that I owe my 7 figure nest egg to VV. Once I learned how to utilize the tools, was when I was able to smooth out the peaks and valleys of my equity growth. The timing tools have been the most important. I simplify the MTI by running a 7 day simple moving average in the form of dots. The very day the dot moves in the opposite direction, I am following that direction. I call it "following the dots". It allows you to be as aggressive or conservative as you desire using quality searches VV offers. The education skills the associates of VV have are some of the best. They are the walking billboard for attracting new clients. Why? Because they are professional and have the skills to communicate to those who are trying to learn. You must become accountable to yourself first and then make those responsible for managing your funds accountable to you. With VV an individual has information at their fingertips to assure themselves that they have a high degree of confidence that they are becoming professionals in managing their hard earned capital.

James M Flynn

Yes, I would recommend to a friend.